Lecture hall at KIT

Students following the lectures at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

ShanghAI Lectures in Osaka

Students attending the ShanghAI Lectures 2011 at Osaka University, Japan

First lecture from UC3M (Madrid)

Fabio Bonsignorio opening the ShanghAI Lectures 2013 edition

Videoconference and Recording

Equipment in the lecture hall at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

Rolf Pfeifer in Shanghai

Warming up for the ShanghAI Lectures 2009 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Lecture hall in Zürich

Students attending the ShanghAI Lectures at the University of Zürich, Switzerland

The first ShanghAI Lecture

Thierry Bücheler, project manager of the ShanghAI Lectures in 2009, opens the very first lecture

Getting ready at KIT

Lecture hall at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology -- waiting for the students

Russian State University for the Humanities

The first lecture being presented to the audience in 2010

Lecture hall at RSUH (Moscow, Russia)

Students attending lectures in 2010 at the Russian State University for the Humanities

Discussion Session in Wonderland

Students gather as avatars in the 3-dimensional virtual environment (2010)


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Robots on Tour: Helpers wanted

Please check here for more information.

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EmbedIT competition: Community voting

[Update: voting is closed – you can still download the videos here] We are excited about the EmbedIT competition results – thanks to all students contributing to this competition, you did amazing work! The fastest robot has already been determined, but now we ask you, the community, to vote for the most creative one. Please value originality and creativity of the body shape and the locomotion concept.

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Lecture 10 on 13 December 2012

The last lecture this year will take place on Thursday 13 December 2012. After a wrap-up of the lecture series and three guest presentations we will announce the winners of the NAO and EmbedIT competitions. Note that Lecture 10 is expected to last for almost 3 hours!

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Lecture 9: recordings available

The recordings of Lecture 9, as well as the guest presentations by Ning Lan and Roland Siegwart, are now available from the Lectures page and in the guest lecture repository.

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Deadline for NAO Competition on 5 December

The NAO competition will end tomorrow, Wednesday 5 December 23:59 CET (UTC+1). Please upload your solutions (Choregraphe solution file, Webots files, video of the performance in simulation/on the real robot and the documentation) as one single ZIP file to https://dropfiles.uzh.ch/dropzone/93f6cfc0 until then. Please clearly state in the filename and in the documentation from which site the solution is.

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Lecture 8: recordings available

The recordings of Lecture 8, as well as the guest presentations by Vera Zabotkina and José del R. Millán, are now available from the Lectures page and in the guest lecture repository.
Please remember to finish the last group assignment, exercise 5, by Monday 23:59 CET.

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Lecture 7: recordings available

The recordings of Lecture 7, as well as the guest presentation by István Harmati, are now available from the Lectures page and in the guest lecture repository. Don't miss the TEDxAthens 2011 talk by Nikolaos Mavridis!

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Last exercise on 22 November

The last exercise will be issued on 22 November. Please remember that this is again a group exercise, i.e., all members of a Study Group are expected to work on the assignment. There have been some complaints from students that their group members didn't contribute anything. This is not an acceptable behavior in team work!

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Problems with changing groups

The have been some reports of troubles leaving study groups for exercise 4. If you want to change groups for exercise 5, make sure you leave the group via the "Leave Study Group" link on your study group page until 20 November 23:59 (CET). If you didn't end up in a new group by 22 November 2012 08:00 (CET), please send an e-mail to tobias.klauser@uzh.ch

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Lecture 6: recordings available

The recordings of Lecture 6, as well as the guest presentations by Francesco Mondada and Robert Riener, are now available from the Lectures page and in the guest lecture repository.

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Lecture 5: recordings available

The recording of Lecture 5 is now available on the Lectures page, as is the guest presentation by Barry Trimmer.

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NAO competition starts today

The NAO exercise will be held as a competition among the participating universities. Please see the exercise description for details. Contact your local tutor if you want to sign up for this exercise.

Students from Zurich, please write an e-mail with your affiliation and field of study to tobias.klauser@uzh.ch if you want to take part in the local team.

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Cyberbotics releases Webots 7

Cyberbotics announced the global availability of Webots 7 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 64 and Linux 32. All ShanghAI Lectures students can download the newest version from the Cyberbotics website and continue using their existing accounts. Thank you for your support, Cyberbotics!

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Issues with your group? Leave!

Update: The new groups are now formed, you cannot leave old groups anymore.

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Exercise 2: Deadline today

The deadline for the first group exercise is today. Note that "group exercise" means that there is one solution per group (one group member uploads it for the entire group). The latest upload before Monday 23:59 CEST counts, so you can keep uploading corrected versions, if necessary, until the deadline. If you need to submit several files, please pack them into a ZIP archive, as you can only upload one single file as a submission. Good luck!


Goals of the ShanghAI Lectures

The ShanghAI Lectures project aims at
  • building a sustainable community of students and researchers in the area of Embodied Intelligence
  • making education and knowledge on cutting-edge scientific topics accessible to everyone
  • exploring novel methods of knowledge transfer
  • overcoming the complexity of a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary learning context
  • bringing global teaching to a new level
These lectures about Natural and Artificial Intelligence are held via videoconference at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, Italy, Humboldt University Berlin in Germany, Plymouth University in the UK, Osaka University in Japan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, and about 10 other universities and research organizations around the globe. Students from the participating universities work together on the exercises, using a powerful robotics simulator software, Cyberbotics Webots. Live streaming of the lectures is provided by University Carlos III of Madrid.

Live Stream

You can watch the lectures live on our stream from UC3M. Every Thursday 09:00-11:00 CET until December 17th 2015.

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