Evolving Robot Explorers

Evolving Robot Explorers

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1 year 9 months ago

My summaries:
Tasks of our robots:
1. Drill through the ice layers.
2. Sample and analyze materials(if there indeed are things beneath the ice).
3. Get back to the surface.
4. Transmit results to Earth(or probes orbiting that astronomical object)

Restraints of design:
1. We have to keep them small and light in order to successfully launch them to the destinations.
2. Communication latency with Earth will be too serious, so they must be fully automonous and solve any issuses without human help.

Our challenges:
1. How do we dig through hundreds kilometers of ice(and then return from beneath)?
2. Where do our robots pull energy from?

My ideas:
We deploy a swarm of small, basic "block" robots and let them evolve and collaborate over a fairly long period to get the work done. But I'm still thinking what things(basic rules) should we preprogram them with. Any other ideas?

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